Dr. Dietrich Mohme

Lawyer Notary
Specialist in employment law

Labour law, laws pertaining to liability for medical malpractice, notary, copyright, landlord and tenancy and laws on ownership.

Laguages: English, French

Dr. Dietrich Mohme
Dr. Dietrich Mohme

Training and experience

1963 born in Bremen. Studied law in Göttingen and Freiburg
1990 practical training in Berlin. 1991 qualified in Freiburg.
1992 Singhania & Co. Solicitors & Advocates, New-Delhi. India.
1993 practised as a lawyer in Berlin
2001 specialised in employment law
2002 legal referee appointed by the health foundation
2008 Notary in Berlin.


American-German Business Club (agbc-berlin.de)
German-English Society
Law society
Medizinrechtsanwälte e.V. (Lawyers for Medicine)
ARGE Mietrecht und Immobilien im DAV (Association of Lawyers regarding Landlord and Tenancy Law)